How To Order

Ordering is easy!

  • You can pay via PayPal or a via PayPal with any credit or debit card (see details below)
  • $100 minimum order
  • 24 hours notice
  • $30 delivery charge or
  • Free pick up at cafe

1. Add your items to the cart

2. Go to checkout

3. Pick Delivery or Pick-Up

At check out, make sure to check at the very top whether you want to pick up or have your catering order delivered, this will change the charges:

4. Pick date and time for pick up/delivery

5. Add your details

6. To pay with PayPal, click the PayPal button, and follow prompts as usual.

7. To pay with ANY credit or Debit card, click the YELLOW PayPal button as above (NOT PAYPAL CREDIT!), then on the next page, click on the gray “pay with Debit or Credit Card”